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Toroidal transformer

Toroidal transformer
Product name:Toroidal transformer
Product Description
1.Small size 2.Low weight 3.High efficiency 4.Low magnetic strayfield levels 5.Customized
Product Feature
Our toroidal transformers ranging from 30VA to 25KVA, are mainly used to following appliances: audio amplifier equipment, communication equipment, medical equipment, electric control equipment, lighting, etc.
1) Audio amplifier equipment
2) Communication equipment
3) Medical equipment
4) Electric control equipment
5) Lighting and Etc.
Other Information
If conventional laminated power transformers aren't performing to your standards, consider our toroidal transformers. With their very low magnetic strayfield emission levels, quiet operation, low weight, small size, high efficiency, and easy assembly, our toroidal power transformers will deliver the superior performance capabilities you require. 

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