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Name: Andy Wang
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Our main product include Fe-based amorphous ribbon/strip,Nanocrystalline ribbon/strip,Amorphous/nanocrystalline cores, Electric current transformer cores,Common Mode Choke Cores,Welding inverter cores,Permalloy core,Silicon steel cores,Also include high precision current transformer, zero sequence current transformer,split core current transformer,,DC immune current transformer,anti-DC current transformer, Hall-effect Current Sensor,high frequency transformer,low frequency transformer,toroidal transformer, power adaptor,common mode inductor,PFC inductor,reactor,filter, ring coil,etc.

We also do Customer-designd Draft/Sample/Specification with good reputation.The products had been exported to North America,Europe,Asia and so on.

 We promise to offer the best for our clients.We look forward to cooperate with all friends for more mutual benefits!