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R shape type transformer

R shape type transformer
Product name:R shape type transformer

A. Feature:
1. Compared with EI shapes, R-Type is smaller 30% , thiner 40% , lighter 40% than EI type transformer.

A. Feature:
1. Compared with EI shapes, R-Type is smaller 30%, thiner 40%, lighter 40% than EI type transformer.
2. R-Type is the least of leakage magnetic. Less 10 times than EI-Type transformer.
3. R-Type transformer make the least heat, less 50% than EI type.
4. R-Type transformer has no noise, that is more better than other type transformers.
5. Compare with Toroidal transformer, R-Type transformer has more advantage, such as powerful function, more reliability, better insulation and easy to install.
6. Compared with EI type and C type, the structure is more simple but the
reliability and quality are more better than them.
7. R-Type transformer can reduce your cost and increase the efficiency.
8. The design of R-Type transformer can be satisfied all safe standard in the world.
B. Application area OF R-Type transformer:
monitor, printer, computer terminals, photocopier, fax machine, Digital Satellite and broadcast Receiver, High Fidelity acoustics megaphone, survey equipment and test equipment, Electrical Equipment and Supplies, metrologic instrument, ED Electron Device usde for medical, financial Instrument, Industrial Equipment, signalling equipment, monitor warning facility, communication equipment, lift and so on.

remark:we can produce the production follow client's requirement.

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